College Portal.

With the ever-evolving trend in Information and Communication Technology, a modern day institution deserves a complete solution that will enable it run every aspect of its learning, administration and social life online and real time.

Upperlink College Portal solution has various components which are integrated as a complete school solution.

Web Portal & Payment Suite

The Web Portal integrates all school’s functions into a Centralized System. The Web Portals provide basic information to the public as well as integrated and seamless tool for effective management of all the schools’ functions through a robust database. The database captures relevant information about every student. The Web Portal & Payment Suite comprises of the following:

E-learning & Virtual Library Suite

Over the years, E-learning delivery mode has evolved from Live broadcast to broadcast (and playback) and recently to Open Distance and e-learning (ODeL). The advantages of the latter over previous models are its flexibility, easy to reach more learners and less expensive.

Staff Management Suite

This takes care of every other aspect of the university administration. It involves the HR & Payroll Solution, Finance Monitor, Biometrics, Inventory/Asset Management, E-hospital etc. The Human Resource Module Embedded within the system, Human Resources is a robust Personnel Management suite capable of facilitating Employee Data Management which will include, Personal and Professional profiles, staff leave management, Sabbatical, Staff Course Schedules, Promotion, and overall lifecycle data. This will help to effectively manage and ascertain the number of staff strength in the institution; develop competencies that enhances individual and the institution’s Performance